How do you cover up a fart in public?

@mark98 (569)
February 13, 2011 12:29am CST
You're out in a public place and you accidently let one out. Yep,you just farted.What do you do? Do you admit it? Do you run away? Tell us what you would do in this situation...
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@SIMPLYD (87135)
• Philippines
15 Feb 11
If you are in a group and it didn't make a sound, why would you admit it? But if you are with a group of friends, then why not admit it? But of course, they will just laugh about it.
• Philippines
13 Feb 11
I don't tell if I farted. I just keep quiet and if someone smell something bad I just go with them.
@capoquek (60)
• Singapore
13 Feb 11
If I am in a public place with my friends, I would laugh it off and declare to everyone that I've just farted before someone spots me. I think it's less embarrassing than trying to stay quiet and hoping that no one heard it or spotted it was from you. In my opinion, it just make things less awkward for everyone.
@rage35 (344)
• Philippines
13 Feb 11
lol. This question really makes me Well, If I'm into thissituation that I farted accidentaly in a public place, definitely I will not admit it because you are in a public place and you can make lots of reasons from it. Admitting is embarrasing at this point. If people doesn't suspect you of doing so, then don't make yourself caught in the scene. Just go with the flow and no one will notice