127 Hours: Survival Instinct

February 13, 2011 8:56am CST
Would you give up your arm to be alive? That was the question that finally popped into the mind of Aaron Ralston when he fought between life and death in Canyonland when his arm was trapped beneath a falling boulder while on a mountain trip. The 127 hours were hopelessly lost on a man who has tried everything in his brain as an engineer to free himself. When all else failed, he performed surgery to cut off his arm to save his life. This is one fantastic movie of man,instinct and survival. Great show. Stars James Franco. I recommend it.
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@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
14 Feb 11
Will be screened at the end of this month in my country and I already planned with my sister to watch it since we watched the trailer.So that is the ending of the story?Then I will watch it no matter what!
20 Mar 11
Yes, CT-this is one movie you should not miss. Besides the main actor and his superb acting, the plot and suspense is really biting and worth your money. See it soon.
@Emerald20 (130)
• Philippines
21 Jul 11
I just watch this movie recently and it was really really inspiring. It was the real "survival" thing. When i watched this movie, I was really reflecting that if I was in his situation I have done the same thing. It has a lesson too how important water is. In the first part of the movie where there was a faucet leaking some drops of water and then suddenly when Aaron was trapped, you can really see how he saved every part of the water to keep him alive for several days..I agree this is a really great movie!