How did you spend your valentine's day?

February 14, 2011 11:13am CST
Hi people! happy valentine's day to everyone!! How did you spend this special day? Single, taken or whatever...everybody has the right to celebrate...i even saw people jogging this v'day. it's hearts day and they're caring for their cardiac muscles =) How did you celebrate? and how did that make you feel? Insights? let's all make others realize that valentine's day is NOT JUST for couples people!!!
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15 Feb 11
i worked 9 til 5:30 i got home, i ate. i had a shower, and i got into bed for like 9. and i watched glee, alone lol
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@LTL143 (57)
• Philippines
15 Feb 11
I spend this day with my students, friends ands family. It's not just for lovers but it's for everyone. It's a special day to express and show your love to others.:-)
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• United States
30 Nov 11
well i remember in valentines day my boyfriend was so rude to me i told him lets go out and guess what he tells me " shut up and go to sleep " i was so mad and i started drinking a little and that whole day he didn't kiss me. and when he finally did i threw up on him i guess because i was drinking to much lol but he deserve it lol
• Canada
23 Feb 11
My husband and I bought eachother some of our favourite chocolate, and he got me some flowers, and we ate dinner here at home. It was really nice just to step back from our busy lives, and spend some time together.