Surfing and searching on INTERNET !

February 14, 2011 1:45pm CST
I search on internet for many information for health,compare prices for shopping, prepare for own job,or I want find new information for my hobby.So is most important to know to search when I want an utility information.I see that I use relevant keywords on google,yahoo or msn I receive in results page a good information more qualitative.I want to discuss here about your experience in surf ,searching in various domain with search engine and other programs. Let's start to change experience now!
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
14 Feb 11
I do searches on the internet using different search engines every day. Internet has become the information highway these days, carrying extensive information on different subject matters. With my work at a market development company, I do market research work for different commodities and services internationally, and internet is an amazing means of finding most useful information.
@hlgmdt (301)
• Philippines
15 Feb 11
The internet has been very significant in my life. Sometimes, I feel that I can't live without it. It seems like I'm becoming so dependent on it. I use the internet for my job, which requires a lot of research and updates on information and latest developments. Social networking sites such as facebook and twitter have been my means of communicating with my family and friends. I get hold of the day's news online. I seldom buy newspapers. I watch my favorite tv programs on the internet and even download movies. Most recently, I have been doing online jobs to gain extra income. The internet has been my source of information when I want to buy a product or try out a service. I read consumer reviews before I make a decision.
• Romania
15 Feb 11
I want I know how technics you use when I search an online jobs? You made some shopping on the internet?
@naija4real (1293)
15 Feb 11
I love using search engine a lot. It helps me to track website that I do not know at the first place. However, there are times when I fail to use the right keywords and I will find it difficult to find my website. I also spend valuable time surfing some useful website that can earn me money.
• United States
14 Feb 11
The internet for me is very resourceful as well, as I can search, research and look just about anything. I enjoy searching on the internet more then having to look in a phone book. I enjoy reading reviews about a great deal of products as viewing the pros and cons make me understand the products more.