socialistic angst

United States
February 14, 2011 2:45pm CST
The mere word- "social"- lets Americans scream "NO not us, we need to stay capitalistic. We always were capitalistic and we need to stay that way!" -- Why? Capitalism is based on competition of the market between companies working to compete with each other, and in the process of doing so become irrational in their production. Socialistic economies give the power to decide on what and how much to produce to the people who actually work and run the factories for the things they finally buy. After the last world war was Germany forced by America to appoint Union Representatives at high levels in all Corporations. This model has brought Germany a wonderfully functional workforce and really stable economy. As the workers themselves have something to say about how the factory they work in is run, they are very interested in furthering their education so that they have what it takes to make good decisions.- You see lots of people commuting in trains and buses reading the newspaper in the morning. Most people want to be educated and know what is going on. In America though, the worker has nothing to say, and is definitely helpless concerning how the factory he works in is run. And then there is the hot topic of healthcare. The corporate model of healthcare is definitely way more expensive than the model most other industrialized nations use. These other countries like France, Norway, Sweden,Spain, England and others have a high living standard new technologies, political, and economic freedom etc. and are not thought of a socialistic countries. Adopting one or the other element of a social point of view does not make a country socialistic. Finally there is a President who is intelligent, broad minded, and brave enough to make the suggestion that America would be much better of, if it would consider some elements of a socialistic economy. He even shows them how to do it by talking to the workers himself. But sadly not many people seem to understand what he tries to do.- Is it that businesses in America are afraid of entering into any sort of dialog with the entire society, because they are afraid of being exposed?- And there is one more point. If you think about the way capitalism works, how is this going to help the environment? Capitalism produces until stopped by competition. The leftover is going to be thrown out.- Not really any help to keep our environment "green". I think that America has to eventually change. The capitalistic point of view is egoistic and greedy. Look around you the world changed. People are not the same anymore.
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• Mexico
18 Feb 11
Hi lakshmi: I agree with all what you've mentioned on this discussion. It actually exist an afraid of socialism that is too irational. People are afraid about losing some of the freedom that 'capitalism' has promised (thought , sometimes we don't really have these freedom because of economical reasons). I think that is not a good way to make a decition when you are afraid. American people are afraid because of the media and their politicians that have always referred to socialism like a monster that will destroy the American way of life. I know that socialism is not a paradise but capitalism is not either. So I think people must talk about the problems of capitalism being totally relaxed and feeling free to criticize the system and even proposing to take some of the positive aspects of socialism to make a better economical system for the people. ALVARO