what causes acne??????

February 15, 2011 5:32am CST
what is the main cause for acne? what are its solution??
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@veronizm (909)
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
I think I can name 2 major causes of acne. First is genetics, and second is lifestyle. For the genetics, I'm afraid that it's very difficult to cure it as I heard that no matter how much to apply acne creams and such, it's just very difficult to remove them. But it's not impossible though, just very difficult which means that it would cause you more time and effort in removing them and reducing the scars. Some would even take pills for it which is also effective. For the second cause which is lifestyle, I believe this can be easily cured. Some people develop acne because of unhealthy living such as eating too much fatty foods such as chocolates, etc., irregular sleeping hours, stress, etc. Another thing, acne may also be caused by pollution. Acne can be treated with creams, derma-facial and stuff. But I guess the best way to treat acne and prevent (even if it's caused by genetics) it is to have a healthy lifestyle.
• India
17 Feb 11
thank you 4 your valuable information...
16 Feb 11
they are fore major factors responsible for cosign acne they act together to cause the characteristics of whiteheads,blackheads,and pimple associated whit acne they are overactive oil glands,blockage of skin pores,activity of normal skin bacteria and inflammation..
• India
17 Feb 11
thank you for your valuable information....
2 May 11
the pore of skin when we are teen produce much amounts of oils than usual this is part of puberity however this body oil created would make it prone to becteria the becteria can cause an infection which would the causes the pores on your skin
@kh_rabbe (196)
• Bangladesh
13 Mar 11
Hi friend, Main cause of acne: 1. less sleeping 2. being dirty 3. bad habits etc solution: 1. drink more clear water 2. sleep well at night 3. avoid bad habits 4. be clean and clear all the time etc