I make real money online throught various methods !

February 15, 2011 7:30am CST
I am online by four years and I see more opportunities to make money online.For the first time I tested ptc programs but for first two years I can't make only 1$ who I receive in moneybookers.Bad...real problem was that I can't to observe who are the best program who pays.After a time I found more programs from various programs and this pay me in alertpay or paypal.I find follow programs who are very good:survey,surfing,ptc,ptr,pay for activate in social network,freelance,afiliate programs.Now I earn 50-100$ with one program,but is important to build a good downline members.What is your experience in earning online?How you started ?
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@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
15 Feb 11
I religiously participate in mylot discussions and I post discussions also
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• Romania
15 Feb 11
Nice occupation.So I am interested about this subject to discuss.You can add like friend and you can see my last post.
@garson (886)
• United States
28 Feb 11
This is a discussion that has been started again and again. You should have looked up at discussions that has started. Look at other people's comments. Sometimes, mylot deleted the whole discussion.
• Canada
16 Feb 11
That's great. Good for you. My story, I'm addicted to caffeine and using this site to get money for free coffee tomorrow morning or next week. That's how I roll.
• Bangalore, India
16 Feb 11
i am new to online and i think you will help me to do money making..and i am ready to PM you so that i could gain some experience..so give me some work to do ..am waiting for your reply..have fun..!
• India
15 Feb 11
Its really good if you are earning that much. Because its very tough to earn that much online. For me I earn mostly by doing tasks in mturk. I like that site and visit the site everyday. Apart from mturk I also work as a freelance article writer.
@hatimyal (1517)
• India
15 Feb 11
I started making money 4 years back on site named bux.to. eventually the site was a scam. i look and have tried many and many types of method which i though i could do. after 1 year or so i started to make around $100+ per month with diff sites. after some time all sites were out of business and i lost my interest so i stopped making money online except for one or two sites where i am still making around $20/month. but now i have regained my interest in making money online and looking for many new methods. thanks