straight from garth brook's song

February 15, 2011 12:23pm CST
i was in love...we've been with each other for a year, we broke up, then after seven years, we met one night after i took a 5-hour walk on a remote mountain village to find her, during a two week holiday to my country. she was still who she was, sweet, loving and caring. i was single, but i didn't have that same feeling that i used to have way back then that night...we parted as good ol' friends...twas after a few days when i was back in thailand for work that i realized i loved her, and i was happy to have had her love...that love ended a lose, i felt so incomplete way back then, a loser who went for that walk only to say hi and goodblye.....that was then... now i have a very loving woman and i pray that each day i would give her more of what i have had from that lady who inspired me to love the way we should, not the way we wanted love to be...and to love without having to be loved the same way in return...each of us has a love story... what's yours?
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• United States
15 Feb 11
I dont have a love story as good as that at all. I know when i broke up with my ex it was going to be a good thing for me and to move on and find something and someone better in my life and someone to complete me. I knew a while back when i used to get my oil change that my brothers friend that worked there was so cute and i never really payed much attention to him then but when i broke up with my ex i texted him and to see how he was doing and this and that and he used to leave letters in my car from when he used to do my oil changes and stuff. He had also jsut went through a realtionship with the other one cheating and what not so we both were in bad areas in life and needed something to over come that and so then we started dating and now we are together ever since and its been about two years and i couldnt see myself with anyone else. Yeah my love story isnt so good but thats it and im glad to see others in love as well.
• Philippines
15 Feb 11
a friend in need, is a lover in deed...hehe, your lover is your best friend and your best friend will always love you no matter what...stay in love, not fall, but grow...