can you use a usb xbox 360 controller to play gameboy roms on a computer?

@birdie816 (1277)
United States
February 15, 2011 3:35pm CST
i have downloaded a bunch of roms for games i could never buy anywhere. but i have tried to play them using just the computer keyboard but it is not the same as having a controller to play with. recently i remembered that my husband has an xbox controller that can be plugged into his netbook. so i am curious to know if it will work so i can get a normal gaming experience as if i am playing on a console.
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@rad140 (52)
• Canada
26 Apr 11
I'm not exactly sure as I don't own an Xbox PC controller, but if you plug it into your computer, it functions as a regular usb controller, correct? I don't know what emulator you are using (the more info, the better), but there should be a menu somewhere where you can customize controllers. There should be an option to use a joypad (aka usb controller) as an option, and you can set the buttons from there. Again, that is what works for me with my Logitech usb gamepad. If the xbox controller doesn't work like that, you might want to pick up a usb gamepad at your local electronics store. I know logitech makes an bunch of different ones and they're pretty affordable. Hope that helps in someway.
@birdie816 (1277)
• United States
4 May 11
well thanks...but i have tried to change the settings so that i could use the controller but there are only options to configure the keyboard. so i guess i cant use it
• Philippines
16 Feb 11
Ah i see. I think so, since it is made to connect it with a PC or a laptop, but maybe this will be only suitable with some games but not all. Try to connect the device to your PC. and then if the device requires installer try to search on well if the controller doesn't requires an installer. Well that's good. Try to play a game for you to know.
@birdie816 (1277)
• United States
19 Feb 11
thanks for your help. but as it turns out, i can't use it for ROMS...only games made for PC. this sucks because i have some really great ROMS but i cant really get into playing them because of the weird keyboard controls