music is forever.

@toyota4k (1212)
February 15, 2011 5:06pm CST
A world without music would seem bare and boring. From the depths of the jungle to jammed spots of the metropolis, are the thumps of drums to the "distortioned" twanging of the electric guitar. God himself loves music when He commanded His people to sing songs of praise in His glory so King David wrote the Psalms. Trumpets were used in the battlefield, It can heal, suppress anger and boost ones morale. As it is written, trumpets will sound off on the Second Coming and until then, songs of praise will still be sang in heaven. Music is forever, music will never die!!!
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@PM2727 (11)
18 Feb 11
Music is an emotion, not a habit or thing you do when you're bored, music is just as important as science or maths or religion. If you ask anyone what they think the point of life is, they will probably say "to have fun", and what is music? Expression, enjoyment, love. Music = Fun Fun = The point of life Music = The point of life
16 Feb 11
hi Toyota! yes, I do agree with what you have said. Music is everywhere. Music is a universal language. We could say anything through music. We could praise through music. Share love and hatred through music.
@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
16 Feb 11
So we share a common sentiment. Thank you so much.
@sanijas83 (271)
• Latvia
2 Jun 11
I think music is the greatest of all arts. It can lift me up when I am down and almost broken, it can be soothe like a warm blanket, and all my crosses seem smaller.