What Is Your Take On Food Colors ?

@AKRao24 (21986)
February 15, 2011 10:44pm CST
In our day today life we consume many food items which are colored artificially. Ice creams, Cold Drinks, sweet meats, Candies, Iced Cakes and pastries are few examples of this! Have you ever thought if the colors used in these products are good for health or not? Though many a colors are approved by food and drugs authorities for their use in food items, from the day to day News we watch on the Local Channels it is very evident that some products which are manufactured locally can use the colors which may be harmful to health. In fact some colors can cause severe health problems affecting liver and Kidney! Your opinion about this topic would be highly appreciated! Thanks !
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
23 May 11
Yeah, AkRao24, after getting the knowledge of eating foods or drinking beverages which colors are added to them during the manufacturing process I try not to take such stuffs with attractive looks which seem to be so delicious. but there would be time I can't resist from the temptation as many of thme like ice cream, desserts, etc which I's used to take them often before I then would refrain myself just to take a little to fulfill my desire Hopping that doing in this way, at least could cut down the amount of taking the harmful colors which would spoil the health of the liver and kidney. Happy posting
@AKRao24 (21986)
• India
23 May 11
Hello Dear Ikbooi! In Fact these food colors make the food stuffs very attractive to look at and our mouth start watering the moment we look at them! This is more so when we are hungry or crave for a thing! But then this is the time when we need to have control on ourselves to stay away from these colorful food items! The harmful food colors can be dangerous in Kids and older persons as in both the cases the Liver and kidneys don't perform to their maximum though for different reasons! So as elders I think not only that we should refrain our self from these foodstuffs but also should make the kidsto understand about he ill effects of such food colors added in those edibles. In addition to the colors, I can't even withstand the taste of food essence, I feel a bad taste which I can feel even hours after consuming some thing with food essences! Because of this I keep myself practically away from Cold Drinks, Ice Creams, Cakes and pastries and even from all sweet foods which contain these essences! Thanks for responding!
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
28 Mar 11
Hi. AKRao24. I did not really know that certain food colors are very harmful to the body. I know that if the dye is too heavy on foods it can be a problem for the body. And, the higher concentration of food coloring cannot be so good for the liver or the kidneys.
@AKRao24 (21986)
• India
29 Mar 11
Hi Dear Cream! There are many food colors which are really harmful, especially if they are artificial ones and have no permission to be used as food colors. They can cause serious problems like cancer also! But the natural colors used in coloring the food are fine! Out of greed and making quick money today most of the people dealing in the food industry are using many banned food colors forgetting the basic ethics and the value of human life which hurts me a lot! Well I am providing a link, where you can have some details about the food colors and their relevant details ! http://dld123.com/about/about.php?id=A12 Thanks for responding!
@stanley777 (7179)
• Philippines
16 Feb 11
I don't think any food today is healthy anymore- since everything has preservatives and the like, many chemicals and artificial flavors...I think coloring is quite harmful to our body too- but maybe only when taken too much of....
@AKRao24 (21986)
• India
17 Feb 11
Yes Dear Stanley, In order to make the shelf life of the food items more food preservatives are added which may cause harmful effect on the body in long run. Similarly the coloring agents also can be dangerous if thy are not used as per the rules laid by FDA. Unfortunately many small companies are using the colors which are not approved by FDA. Funnily the rules of FDA different at different countries , though all of us are the Human beings living in them! Thanks !