Solve my doubts about onbux

February 16, 2011 12:40am CST
Hi guys i know onbux is one of top site. So you have to trust on it no queshtion on scam. Since i am new to onbux solve my doubts about onbux. Pls. I use net on mobile. I donot have computer. So when i see any advert on onbux the bar doesnot starts loading. So i can't earn.So suggest me browser in which i can earn moneys by onBux. When i click my banner it shows you have viewed zero advertisements today. You need to view atleast 4 ads today to earn unlimited clicks from your redderals tommorow. Means if i viewed 4 adverts today only then i can earn from referals tommorow? News queshtion when i go to my Refferal link section it shows you have to click 100 advertisements to get refferals though my referal link opens? Then can i earn moneys? Suggest me some sites by which i can earn moneys on mobile. I will refer you. If you dont know following mentioned site then refer me pls i will refer you. (add yogesh2708 as referal y should be small.) here add Yogesh2708 Y capital. for more sites visit my site pls help me i will rate you
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