The usefulness of Junkmail...

New Zealand
February 16, 2011 8:48am CST
I get a lot of junkmail at home and don't really mind it so much because I love looking through the brochures and comparing prices - my daughter is the same except she doesn't get any junkmail where she lives so she comes to my house and takes the leaflets back to her place. It's especially useful just before xmas because we both get ideas for prezzies or save a lot of time going to different stores as we'll find one store offering a better price for what we want than other fact, I told the storeperson I wanted a game for my son but it was $10 cheaper at the other shop so he rang the other shop to find out how much the game was and then gave me the same discount! I searched online for uses for junkmail and found sites that showed me how to weave baskets or make bowls and boxes out of junkmail or magazine pages. I have made gift bags that are really pretty from the xmas catalogues I got in the mail and I made a tote bag as well with 'hodge podge' which is a glue and sealer and gives the paper a glossy, finished look... I use bread bags by cutting them into strips (cutting them horizontally so that they stay as loops, then thread them to each other) and then crocheting or plaiting them together to make handles for my bags. I made paper bags from newspapers and magazines, then lined them with plastic breadbags and put them aside for use as a 'barf' bag! although my daughter says...ooh thats just gross! but they have them in airplanes and would be useful for long car trips or when taxi drivers pick up drunk people! Anyway, does anyone else have ideas on what to do with junk mail?
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@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
16 Feb 11
Nowadays, I rarely receive junk mail, unless it's the electronic type of mail. But we have some sort of policy in our household that we should always minimize the garbage that we throw out. So we pile our junk mail along with newspapers, old magazines or any used paper in the garage, and each week we sell them to scrap dealers. These mails don't weigh that much but they still add to the overall weight of all the types of paper that the scrap dealers buy. Well, it's better to earn a few cents from something you'll just throw in the trash bin.
• New Zealand
16 Feb 11
...and its much better for the environment too! Every few cents adds up to a few dollars in the end - thank you for responding..