South Africa
February 16, 2011 2:01pm CST
Forgivesness is such an essential part of our lives. If we cannot forgive ourselves and one another then we are actually harming ourselves. Our mindsets affects our bodies as there is a correlation between our souls and our bodies. People with arthritis for example sometimes have a lot of bitterness and unforgiveness. Read the book "A more excellent way" by Henry Wright. It will give marvellous insights!
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
3 Apr 11
What is forgiveness and how we forgive? Forgiveness does not let on who it was wrong to leave us without giving an explanation. I have to one that allowed us to mistakenly download and explaining how he got his soul wrong, or what deficiencies were found in November that I have made ??mistakes. So we can hold them accountable to those who wrong us through their actions. Forgiveness means you have the right to let God's justice. When we take the right to judge or give him avenge us to understand God as He does not believe that we can solve problems. We must allow God to do justice and to show his righteousness to us through unconditional forgiveness of our neighbor or the family. Forgiveness is not allowed to be offended repeatedly. Forgiveness does not mean tolerating disrespectful or offensive manifestations constant. We do not have to tolerate offenses, no disrespect or any other form of abuse by those who wrong us. Forgiveness does not mean you have to resign ourselves to be victims. Pardon, do not say: "What you do is good, so continue to treat me like this."Moreover, we should not usurping the role of martyr, always forgiving others just because we feel good in the role of victim. Forgiveness is not reconciliation. We can forgive someone even if we manage to get along perfectly with the person who offended us. Forgiveness is a process, not a chance. Perhaps it will take some time to solve our problems before being able to truly forgive. That is why forgiveness is a process not an act that occurs in an instant. Forgiveness takes time and constant effort. It shows up in attitudes, words, and mental disposition of each of us. Mental disposition must be one of true forgiveness, unconditional and irreversible. As soon as we decide to forgive, you have to do it. You have to forgive every time. But if we are the ones who always forgives us and we in turn are not forgiven, it is appropriate to analyze our relationship with the people around you, understand why we are the ones who always suffer. It's important not to allow us to get in a position where those who wrong us, being forgiven every time,keep reaching wrong to abuse. Forgiveness does not mean denying the reality or ignore insults. Some people are apathetic, disbelief, with hidden intentions. So will not change ever. That is why sometimes ask that forgiveness must be accompanied by behavioral mode that caused tension between family members to stop. We must therefore change the approach and we expect even opposite to head. Forgiveness involves so be patient. Forgiveness is not based on facts others, but our own attitude. A healthy attitude of forgiveness is essential to each of us. Those around us will continue to hurt us in life. We can see them with superior, to get stuck in our grief and sadness, or to adopt an attitude of forgiveness permanent. This latter solution and bring peace. You have to forgive even those who do not repent our mistakes. Even if the mistakes we do not ask forgiveness, you must forgive immediately and communicate this to them. We must remember that forgiveness is manifested in our attitude not their actions. There should always give them the news that I have forgiven. Communication forgive and be done with tact, but to not turn into abuse and blackmail. You always announce that they forgive others, although we have asked for forgiveness, can become a form of manipulation on their part, one that may even lead to pride. Is it possible to forgive too easy to avoid suffering or to manipulate a situation. We must be careful not to forgive for the sake of forgiveness. Forgiveness releases the pain. But often we want desperately to fix a poor situation as soon as the misunderstanding that caused her to disappear just as quickly.
@amirev777 (3751)
• India
17 Feb 11
Hi I agree that forgiveness is an important part of our lives and mind you, it is also a difficult part of our life, it is not very easy to forgive someone who has hurt us. But if we do not forgive and keep the grudge onto us, it can surely affect us mentally. As for those with arthritis, i feel it becomes more and more difficult to have good feelings towards others if you yourself are a victim of such a crippling disease.
@semus9x (47)
• Vietnam
17 Feb 11
Yeah. Forgiveness is such an essential part of our lifes. You forgive and you grow more. You have more friends and your friends will understand you better.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
17 Feb 11
Great discussion! I think forgiving is great first for the one who is forgiving and letting go cause if we keep someone like an enemy on our mind they hunt us like ghosts.
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
17 Feb 11
I think forgiving is harder than forgetting about someone's false to us. It could make us to be a better individual if we can teach ourselves to be an easy going person. According to my experiences, i found that there's lot of people who easier to remember about someone's bad rather than forgiving them. Such thing makes someone hard to regain their reputation or good image in the society. We all should know that there's nobody perfect in this world. Someone could make a false, as well as ourselves can make it. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
• United States
16 Feb 11
I really like this discussion. I believe also that the mind and the thoughts we think and feel become our reality. I believe were all naturally joyous creators, and that negative circumstances and our dwelling on them cause us to downgrade our current mindset to a weaker level. Check out Abraham Hicks if you want to learn some crazy things about the questions of life.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
16 Feb 11
People do different things, some intentionally, some unintentionally not knowing where it will lead to and how it will effect fellow-human beings. Those we do have to understand and forgive. Loving kindness is the way to see the innocence in human beings.
@Ichiru101 (285)
• United States
16 Feb 11
forgiving someone isn't easy especially if they harm you. But if you don't you well never be able to move on from it. Forgiveness is really bittersweet.