seek GOD (again)

@advokatku (4037)
February 16, 2011 11:07pm CST
Many discussion topics on MyLot who talk about God like questions, who is The God, what and how the God, etc. Actually for me, this topics quite interesting but I think, from the answers which has I read, it is still not enough to explain the meaning of God. I'm tried to explain the meaning of God in the concept of core teachings of all religions. Indeed, the core teachings of all religions are the same, namely describe the creator through the words. Although a lot of words and sentences written in the scriptures, but its understanding is singular, not many and not words or sentences but feelings. The creator of single this actually just a feeling, a feeling of nature creates, and that was the picture of God - the Creator as an abstraction. The feeling this in the Christian doctrine called "love", while in Buddhism called "empty", while in Hinduism called the "Nirvana". Muslims call it "ALLAH" Therefore, the feeling this only one word which expressed through the doctrine of religion. This word will not be falsified so that no false or genuine feelings but that's embedded and grow in the heart for his people. So, God is just a feeling that only you can sense through your faith
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