how to drive away ghosts and bad spirits for good?

February 17, 2011 1:17am CST
i am afraid of ghosts and bad spirits. i had bad experiences before when we were still living in our old house. we just bought a house, moving in april and we don't want to experience the same thing again. i am a single mom and my kids are as well afraid of these elements because of those unforgettable experiences. please give me effective tips for me to follow that could drive away these bad spirits or lost souls for good.
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
17 Feb 11
I am going to lay out Xfahctor's handy dandy guide to evil spirit/ghost removal. Now, I usually charge $99.95 for this but for you my friend...this one's on the house cuz I like ya. Ok here we go. 1.) find a quiet room 2.) close your eyes 3.) say the following incarnation out loud: a.)"I am a rational human being" b.)"As a rational human being, I know that evil spirits and ghosts do not exist" There ya go! Evil spirits and ghosts eliminated. Again, no charge, just plug my services.
17 Feb 11
I for one have fear of seeing spirits and ghosts. But at the same time excites me for the fact that it is extraordinary! Well, basically In my own idea, there's 3 way technique for you to do so with your family: 1. Have a Good Faith in God and Ask for a Pastor of Priest to do a blessing in your house and a prayer along with it to drive the bad elements away. 2. Approach someone who knows people that do pAranormal investigation and at the same time who is an expert to contact the spirits and drive them away. 3. Leave you residence or if not just face the reality of accepting the fact that they are others than you who also lives with you.