What wrong why i can't have a baby?

February 17, 2011 2:54am CST
I love to have a baby my husband want it but i cant get pregnant.I'm so worried because I'm running 31. We both love to have my own baby..
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@dodo19 (33981)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
19 Feb 11
Well, there are various different reasons why this might be such a problem. I think that maybe the best thing to do is to just go talk to your doctor, or to a doctor, or something like that. Seeing a doctor might be able to help you answer some questions and try and figure out what might be the problem.
@maximax8 (28560)
• United Kingdom
18 Feb 11
Stress can stop a lady getting pregnant. I know a lady that married at age 20 and tried for 8 years to get pregnant. She worried all the time about whether or not she would get pregnant. After a couple of years she got desperate and kept on trying without any luck. They gave up trying to have their own baby and guess what. She got pregnant then because she felt more relaxed. She had identical twin boys. Sometimes a lady gets pregnant when she is on holiday and again this is due to the lack of stress. You are just 31 years old and you have up to age 35 years old to become a mom. You could even have a second baby before you reach 40 years old. Good luck to you and I hope that soon you will be pregnant.
• India
17 Feb 11
hi mamibevs, i think age is not a berrier in getting pregnent.so you should consult to a doctor and ask him about the same and hopefully you will get way out of it. and you can always adopt a child.and treat him as your real child.
@webearn99 (1744)
• India
17 Feb 11
Now don't worry! You still have time. so keep calm and visit a good gynecologist. The good Doctor should be able to sort out the matter. In these modern times there are a lot of options. Consider them and choose your options. You will be blessed with a baby soon. Keep faith.
@sexyice (874)
• Latvia
17 Feb 11
Poor you :( You were already a doctor? Think positive!!!
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
hi mamibevs,.have u tried to see your doctor?maybe there's something wrong with u or your husband..pls. try to see to your doctor and ask some questions 'bout it..and above all nothing is impossible with prayers..God is just a prayer away..well pray for it madam..