Islam and violence. What do you think?

February 17, 2011 3:37am CST
So many violence that was coming from Moslem's people. As my knowledge every religion teach about virtue, so does Islam religion do. Let me say that what some Moslem's people did which close to the violence is not reflect what the the real Islam at all. What do you think about Islam?
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• India
24 Jun 11
Islam is the best religion that preaches peace.People always misunderstood Islam because of some extreme people who follow same.George Bernard Shaw once remarked Islam is definitely the best religion but the Muslim community is worst.The people following Islam are Muslim by faith and there Islamic name.They need to follow the order of Allah and Sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad. Most of the people following Islam themselves don't know what Islam is all about.The actions of most of the Muslims are against what Allah had ordered them in Quran which makes them extremists ultimately.
@khalida (1130)
• India
16 Mar 11
none of the religions preach violence. islam as a religion is all about living in peace and harmony with your fellow human beings. There are many people who are causing violence by coining the term islam into it. this is quite upsetting and even worse is to watch people who get easily brainwashed and become totally against the muslims. i request such people to watch this movie called "My name is Khan" which will break their false beliefs and teach them to be more broad minded. check out this article, to know more about islam is basically.
• Philippines
9 Mar 11
Islam is religion of peace. Islam is equal in right, do not hurt other and do not let them hurt you. If it is necessary to fight, then fight for Allah's sake. '
@suyash091 (120)
• India
17 Feb 11
the environment and thinking passed genetically make the moslems so they not by birth but the family condition and uncare for life pave there thinking as we can see daili almost all the islam ruled country have some or other problem like pakistan,afghanistan and iran, iraq etc.