February 17, 2011 6:32am CST
Hi.. It's been some time since I started my own discussion. So... Here is it. I just want to share with you guys this funny story, which is actually real, and I want to hear what you'll have to say about this. So, this is what happened. My dad had what we can call his "friend". Okay, so we will use the term "Dad's Friend" to name this guy okay. Here's the story. Dad's Friend had a child who is on kindergarten. This little girl is a very talented one. She joins contests competing for Arts, like drawing and painting and poster making stuffs. Then their graduation came. She (the little girl) was awarded as being the "MOST CREATIVE" student, while her classmate was awarded "BEST IN ART". The other girl who was awarded BEST IN ART was the teacher's niece. Dad's Friend got very mad about this kind of giving awards. In fact, he went to the school and voiced out his complaint. What is his complaint? That her daughter should have the BEST IN ART award and not MOST CREATIVE. It did not end there guys. Here's the funny part. So Dad's Friend talked to my Dad. My Dad asked, "Well, which one is better?". Dad's Friend answered, "It's not about that. It's about what my child deserves." Okay... so... honestly, I think Most Creative is almost equally Best in Art. I think they are both fine, right? And here is the even funnier part... Dad's Friend actually sue the teacher and even went to the Department of Education in our town to complain about this BEST IN ART and MOST CREATIVE AWARDS matter of him... Okay... So, I see absolutely no point in doing all these things. As in nothing. Going up to the Department of Education? Actually, he first went to the barangay hall but I guess nobody there would even mind about it. And you know what, well, the Department did not care about it at all. It's such a nonsense. The funniest part and the craziest and the most pitiful part is this - Dad's Friend decided to suffer traveling so far with much great expense just to put his child into another school. Crap... I really don't get it? What's the point for all of these sufferings and everything? I never knew anyone like him. I don't know. I think he is stupid. What can you say?
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@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
Well, he may look and sounds like stupid but the way he fought for his belief and principles make him a real man. People may judge us wrong, but if we can hold on to our principle, to what we belief in, no matter how crazy or stupid it is, we can hold our head up high, we know who to be firm and fight for what we believe in! I salute this man, he may be stupid but a real, real man in his own belief and principle!