technique to make moist choco fudge brownies?

February 17, 2011 2:48pm CST
I'm a newbie here, as you can see. i'm used to making brownies from those easy-to-bake products one could see in the groceries, but for some reason these brownie mixes have gone out of stock, maybe due to a decline in demand. so i've recently tried to make choco fudge brownies from raw ingredients. However, the problem is i can't get them to be moist, and the texture is somewhat crumbly, which is quite disappointing for me. could someone tell me how to make it moist and rise a little bit? got mine as is before and after baking in the oven toaster for about 14 minutes.
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@cdyt7874 (72)
• Philippines
2 Apr 11
hi! about being crumbly maybe you have over baked it or you're using the wrong pan. follow the right size of pan the temperature of the oven.also, do not over mix your batter. actually, brownies are just like cookies. if you're new in doing this use a wooden spatula in mixing it just like in making cookies. when you think you have done it right and had the good texture you can use the mixer. because sometimes it's really tiring mixing it. i hope i have helped you here. good day.
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20 Feb 11
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