Don't believe in love? Why?

February 17, 2011 9:10pm CST
Why do some people don't believe in love anymore. Some of the reason I already heard is man is a cheater. Do you agree about that? I'm a man an I don't cheat my lover . Maybe sometimes. But believe in someone is better than don't believe in anyone. However there is some don't believe in love. Hate love? Maybe no, but don't want to be love. Why?
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@fjclolazy (859)
• China
22 Feb 11
Hi,I believe in love.But there is no one is worth to being loved by me now.My ex-boyfriend have given me promise,but he is still leave me alone...How can I believe him again...
@shuley (369)
18 Feb 11
My husband is very kind to me and we love each other. Maybe those who hate love or don't want love are those who had been broken hearted once or many times. Hope they can find also the love of their life.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
18 Feb 11
Well it maybe a way of self-defense. They don't want to be cheated or afraid to be cheated on. Maybe they have bad experience falling in love and still can't moved on. You don;t have to believe to fall in love. Love has its own way of conquering hearts and winning them over!
@chavezrmc (5766)
• Philippines
18 Feb 11
Most of those who don't believe in love are those that have been cheated and have experienced too much pain from it. I believe that they are just controlling themselves in falling in love or from being in love. I am sure that in right time they will soon recover from pain and that they will believe in love again.