What do you think the producers should do so this years winner can sell albums?

Calgary, Alberta
February 17, 2011 10:14pm CST
In the last few seasons the winners struggles a lot, many of them turned into 1 hit wonders and sophomore slumps, they joined American idol to be a mainstream singer but they still ended up as Indies. I remember a critique once said most people who votes on the phone just vote, then after the artist win, they will just get over it and ignore the idol winner. We know what contestants sings on the live show were sold as singles at I-tunes, I remember some contestants actually reach the charts with their I-tunes singles. what if singles sales will be a factor for who will stay and go. I rememebr a researching saying that in the last 5 seasons, majority of the votes came from pre-teen girls who just vote for the cute guy and people who just sympathize to sob stories.
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