The car powered by air

@fpsninja (874)
February 18, 2011 5:24am CST
I heard about this car ages ago, but now it looks like it may very realistically be for sale! The way this car works, is that pressurised air is kept in a container. A valvle then releases this air, which is then sent through an engine. This air flow causes the engine to rev, and hey presto, and air powered car. You can then plug it in when you get home to use the onboard electric compressor, so its electric in a way, or you can plug it in to a high pressursed canister, so a more instant refill. I think this is brill! I am not so sure about the hybrid version, i am not so conviced. The car orignal car was called the airpod, but now they have teamed up with i think it was Tata to make a new version, called the tata/MD oneCAT. The best part of this package? It goes at 70mph (using the compressor to help it along), and goes a decent range, i think ti was around 100mph, and it quick to refill using the pressurised gas (electricity may be a bit long), and the price if i remembemr right is around the $5000 mark. Seriously, if this car lives up to its claims, i think it may be the future of the car.
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@aleic27 (161)
• Philippines
18 Feb 11
Yes, that's true... But it may take a while before it would be perfected and fit for the market. But just imagine, if the fuel in our cars is replaced by air it means that our environment will be saved.