india's Bowling Options: 2 pace & 2 spin or 3 pace & 1 spin or 1 pace & 3 spin?

February 18, 2011 5:36am CST
hi friends. now india always go with 3 pacer and 1 spinner with part timers finishing the remaining 10 over which helped yuvi to retain his place. now zaheer will be playing so he will be the one pacer. the other options are sreesanth,nehra and munaf. in the wamr up match,neither munaf or nehra impressed much.sree showed some intent but thats all. on the other hand,the spin trio or bhajji,ashwin and chawla,not only contained runs but pretty much won the game by taking crucial wickets. this gives the problem. should they go with zaheer + 2 not so impressive pacer with bhajji or keep zaheer and one other pacer and play 2 spinners or do the impossible like playing zaheer and 3 spinners. nah. dhoni wont choose the last option so it probably would be 2 pace and 2 spin attack. what do u think?
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19 Feb 11 would be a gamble to go in with any combination, yes there are options with the combinations specified by you...and also you have mentioned the pros & it would be a difficult choice to make What i think is that Chawla the leggie would get the prefernce ahead of Ashwin and hence there would be a 2-2 spin-pace combination...lets wait and see.
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18 Feb 11
Ya, I too agree with your opinion of selecting two pacers and two spinners in the world cup matches.In my opinion, Zaheer and Sreesanth as the pacers and Harbhajan and Piyush as spinners will do the job.Also the rotation can be given to Munaf and Aswin too.I think this option will do good for the team India in the world cup.Also it has to be kept in mind that in Indian subcontinent it is spinners who will gain more advantages from the pitch.It has benn evidently seen in the practice matches too.In both the matches spinners changed the face of the game very dramatically.I hope this miracle also continues for team India in the coming wotrld cup matches too.