how did you find your one true love?

February 19, 2011 1:49am CST
are you in a relationship right now? can you say that he/she is your one true love?
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@KrauseHome (35517)
• United States
23 Feb 11
Well, I am married to the Love of my life, and just celebrated 12 wonderful yrs. with him just over a week ago. I personally cannot imagine myself being with anyone else and even though we have our share of problems at times, he is the one I know God chose for me as well. The day we met God told me I was going to meet someone, and the rest is History. But truthfully we are happy and it has been so worth the journey for sure.
@larrychen (165)
22 Feb 11
i am not in a relationship now, pity it's not so easy for us to get our one true love, because love is for at least to persons. if you take the other as your one true love while the other not about you, what will turn out? maybe you will love your loving feeling as time flows. still i wish to find someone i love the most
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
20 Feb 11
I was fortunate that i didn't have to seek out my one tru love. He found me! He just happened to come to the place where i was working. He sought me out. i didn't even realize he knew who i was. There was something magical about it.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
19 Feb 11
Nope not in a relationship. Been out of relationship for 4 years now. I sure wish to meet someone this year :)
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
19 Feb 11
Hi, I am not in relationship now,but I am married now. Finding a true love does not need specific time and place. But it is kinda of fate that determine both person to be together and bring them together. For my own experience, I would say both me and my husband are fate to be together after we lose contact for few years. We stayed at same city,but we just lose in contact and out of sudden , an email bring us together again and that time love sparks came to us. Sometimes, during the dating time, we may find that person is our true love,but as time pastby,maybe we will broke up and feel that we don't match each other. So fate play a part for couple to be together.