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February 19, 2011 2:38am CST
The "face " has many meanings such as prestige,dignity and so on.Here I discuss its meaning which is connected with vanity.For the sake of the face,we often suffer a lot.For example preparing a wedding feast,we not so much as consider our economic conditions,dine and wine lavishly,because this make us not to be a loss of face.However we end up being debt-ridden.When the creditor visits,we have egg on our face.what for?dear mylotters, do you have the same feeling?
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@Micmac (9604)
23 Nov 12
I do think that is how two-face people behave. They are putting on airs to show they are extravagant above their means. If they were to live conservative they would save themselves from many woes and problems in life. Basically, they are show off type. I have seen many people that I know personally who have lived a life of luxury and have a boastful face in front of others feeling like they are kings and queens when they are actually not in the position to afford riches. At the same time, they don't care about tomorrow. I have seen some friends of mine waste their money partying and drinking excessively, buying the latest fads and then the next day they are eating out of canned food and borrowing money for their family. Why do they do that? Just to show a vain face! How stupid!
• China
25 Nov 12
I am glad that we have the same feelings.It seems that there is such type of person everywhere.Over here, we consider such kind of person to be one who slaps his face until it is swollen in an effort to look imposing.
@Micmac (9604)
30 Nov 12
It's weird that they live as big wheels and don't want to 'face the mirror.' When the time comes they will be 'flat on their backs' and have to pay the penalty with the creditors. Many have become paupers while seeking a life of pleasure with no capitol to call their own. Shameless folks. How low can they get?
• China
2 Dec 12
You gave us a good picture of their lives.It is too late to regret when they are up to their ears in debt,so we can't spend in excess of our income.
@thereza (316)
• Philippines
19 Feb 11
when you see someone you look at their face first right?Because face's expresses who we are and what we feel.
• China
20 Feb 11
Thank you for response!You have misunderstood my intentions.I meant to say the face referring to vanity.
@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
29 Dec 12
Face is the real mirror of your true feelings. If you are able to hide it successfully then you are the winner, which is very difficult. TC,police notices the culprit by observing their face only. And you are absolutely right that the face is the house of many meanings,reactions etc.