A Dilemma on whether I should switch to a new ISP

United States
February 19, 2011 1:05pm CST
I am with AT&T for quite sometime already, and they provide pretty good service on the internet as far I experienced it. But the price for me just still too high to consider, I am paying $45 per month. Now, I saw a promotion from Clearwire, which give me a bundle price of $60 for Home Internet and on - to - go internet. Come on, I got 2 internet the same time, and I am only paying $60. The only catch is that I have to sign up 2 years contract. It is almost the same as every ISP offer to customers with a contract associate with it. So, would it be wise to switch over to Clearwire? I also worry that if I switch to a new internet provider, my IP address will be different. Would it affect my other websites too. Especially those pay - to - earn sites.
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