Program Trekpay The Start Being SCAM

February 19, 2011 10:08pm CST
Did you know trekpay?? Trekpay is one og the online business programs such as PTC ( Paid TO Click ), only difference from other PTC, trekpay systems only collect credit points which is then coverted to dollars per week, which depend on the number of credit points that we have collected. This program has proven to pay, because i already get paid, but now this program has begun to doubt for us to follow, because it was headed SCAM. Evident from credit points that i have collected as many 400 credits points is also into coverted to dollars, though initially collcected every week credit directly coverted automatically. Do you believe? Perhaps for those of you who follow this program can share here...
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• Philippines
23 Feb 11
Actually I left the site already... Before every week, they automatically convert the points into dollar no delays... But now, we don't here any updates from them anymore... They also take out the paypal to their payment system but you wont see any link on how to add our alert pay account... Yeah I think its a scam now... Too bad I like them so much before... It started when they launched their kool day... points conversion became low then no more paypal then stop converting points...