Depersonalization Disorder... its scary and I do not see the end.

United States
February 19, 2011 10:43pm CST
Does anyone else here know what it feels like to look at your surroundings like they are muffled? Depersonalization disorder is so hard to describe... mostly because it effects people differently, but for me I describe it like im watching tv and everything looks 2D... life happens all around me but nothing feels real even though I know I am alive and everyone else is too, it just doesnt feel that way. I feel disconnected with my own body and my surroundings. I have suffered with this disorder as long as I can remember and I honestly have had maybe 2 episodes that lasted mere seconds where I felt "alive" and everything around me was focused and clear like I know it should be. Anyways I am starting this topic trying to find someone, anyone who knows what I am going through or that has advise on what I can do?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
20 Feb 11
That sounds very scary, I have never heard of this before, I wonder if it is very common, it almost sounds like an inner-ear type thing, I hope you do find some people in know that you can discuss this with, thats what is good about Mylot, you can find other people to talk to with common interests and such.