War and Romance Eternal Life?

@gengeni (3308)
February 20, 2011 8:28am CST
Dude, you ever imagine a world without problems? I remember when it was playing a game on the computer, I was still just a game maniac, so the level of the stage is already quite far achieved. The enemies are facing increasingly intense, fun fact to defeat the great enemy would increase the level. Sometimes there is a stage that complicated, difficult and meticulous, can be dozens of experiments needed to get through. After the stage is hard to pass there are tremendous sense of relief, like new get fresh cold glass of lemonade after marathon running. Imagine if there never was NEW stage, so monotonous, and saturate it feels. On the other hand how annoying and make stress a stage that is so difficult that can not be overcome. Too easy and too difficult really no fun indeed. In fact in life: we are unable to vote because there are problems occur without being invited alias altogether unexpected. Well friends, we (may) play the same game of life, people who already are at a higher level to help the lower, likened same as people who are stronger help the weaker. This cycle seems to be "immortal" until the last breath, there are always people who NEED help. Example Concretely, in MyLot, I find the topic a lot of similar discussions, although the difference maker posts, rather like the old songs played with a new cassette. Simply put, the problem is a form of interference, which need be energized in a certain way so as not to become a distraction. Problems are part and parcel of the reality of life. So will you stop running away from the problem and begin to give statement to him that he is the part that states that you live? Problems = Life = Problems Life is a battle and romance "eternal" with the problem. What do you think?
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23 Feb 11
Hmmm ...... right Agree with your opinion, Such is life with all its complexity issue but do not ever stop running away from problems Just like water flowing though the obstacles are in front with full confidence will be seen also the gaps that can be passed to keep moving even though there are still hurdles ahead again and hold it sped toward the finish line which is not far away, he .. he ... (I'll keep the spirit) On and on do not ever stop.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 11
Problems will always exist because of the diversity in society, whatever that is. We live indeed to overcome the problem. but there are who think it is a problem, but another person who thinks it's not a problem for him, depending on the capacity of the person. Running away from problems is not an appropriate solution, even the more complicated. where the problem occurred? I think clearly from the mind, because the reason we are the ones who will identify which one is considered a problem, what is not.