Earn Extra Money In Mystery Shopping Strategies, Stories,And Suggestions

United States
February 20, 2011 1:13pm CST
I discovered mystery shopping about a year ago through a craigslist advertisement that stated "get paid to buy alcohol". This advertisement got my undivided attention and I put in an application with the company at trendsource.com. Several hours later I received a phone call from trendsource explaining the program to me and how to search for available assignments in my area.I was very unsure about the job at first because the representative explained that I would have to put up an upfront purchase of the alcohol in which I would be reimbursed for later up to $5.00. However, the lady on the phone was able to convince me to give the job a try by assigning me to a location that was five minutes away from my home so I gave it a try. The purpose of this mystery shop was to evaluate a cashier at the location to see if he or she requested identification when I made an alcohol purchase. For this assignment I was reimbursed for the alcohol up to $5.00 and given a $6.00 job payment which totaled $11.00 and free alcohol. After my first assignment was complete I loved the job and accepted all available assignments in my area which totaled to about 25 open assignments. I worked exclusivly for trendsource.com for 3-4 months then began to search for other companies to work for at the same time. At first it was hard to find new legit companies to work for because there are scams out there and I was new and did not know where to look. However, after some searching I discovered the website shadowshopper.com and it was a BLESSING. Shadowshopper.com is a website that mystery shopping companies use to recruit shoppers in specific areas. I was unsure about shawdowshopper at first because it involves a membership fee but allows new users to try the website for $4.95. I gave it a shot for $4.95 and ever since my mystery shopping business has taken off as a substantial income maker on top of my full time job. I have been mystery shopping for about a year know and the most I have generated in a month was $2000. Yes, mystery shopping takes organization and discipline.However, the best strategy to make mystery shopping profitable is to sign up for numerous companies and cluster shops in one area for a particular day and the best way for a new shopper to do this is to try shadowshopper.com. If you have any success stories,strategies, or mystery shopping company suggestions please respond.God Bless!
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@sujaysen (594)
• India
20 Feb 11
Hi, nice to know about your thrilling and interesting jobs. But as I am from India, I cannot join on those sites. So, can you please tell me if there is such type of job which I can join from my country India? I really appreciate your fantastic job. I wish you best of luck there.
@sujaysen (594)
• India
21 Feb 11
Thanks firend. So let me check it in time.
@sujaysen (594)
• India
22 Feb 11
Hi Baderbig, lot of thanks for your nice information. I have saved your given link in my PC and will go through on that in details. I am a freelance writer and I write in a website. Already my 80 articles have been published there. If you are interested, please accept my friend request and send me a private message and I will let you know. Besides this, I know some companies which pays to India but they are probably not paying to your country USA. Let us be friend and we may discuss.contact it in our personal email. Please send me a private message and I will give you my mail id. Please remind me there. May God bless you also. I wish you best of luck. Have a nice day.
@ndubose (418)
• United States
29 May 11
Thank you for the tip and the sites I hope it is still working out for you as well...Good luck and God Bless you 2....