for what marijuana banned?

@advokatku (4037)
February 20, 2011 10:49pm CST
Legalizing marijuana offers a solution of various problems caused due prohibition and criminalization of marijuana. Imprisonment in fact, has been fail to reduce marijuana users around the world. Imprisonment actually just create new problems, namely the user marijuana can interact with other criminals so that after being released from prison, they have the potential to be the real criminals. They all who had or still using marijuana surely know, actually effects marijuana not dangerous for themselves or for people around them. There has never been people who overdose, sickness and dead because marijuana. I'm had never heard any people became anarchists because use marijuana or smoke marijuana. I'm had never heard any people do steal or rob just to get marijuana. From the recognition of friends who are still using marijuana, their stament say, the marijuana users who only use marijuana without followed using other addictive substances, they do not exist who have problems in life, work or school, etc.. So, for what marijuana banned?
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