what will you do if you feel anxious and oppression?

February 20, 2011 11:40pm CST
i am a guaduate, i have to try my best for my degree and other problems in daily life, next year i will graduate next year, so i must find a job this year, all these make me feel anxious and oppression, i have this feeling everytime,i will find some delicious food. so what will you do if you feel anxious and oppression?
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• Philippines
21 Feb 11
Maybe you're just overwhelmed with the whole thing. You may be thinking of everything at the same time. Just think of it one step at a time.
• China
22 Feb 11
@SIMPLYD (83109)
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
Don't feel that way. Oppose that feeling, be confident. Just be focused in your studies and do good. Before you knew it, you have graduated and ready to find a job. Be positive and instill in your mind that you will have that dream job you have once you graduated.
@webearn99 (1744)
• India
21 Feb 11
I don't blame you for this. You are young, inexperienced and just stepping into adulthood. You will naturally experience all of this. One thing is good however, the signs you descibe are due to the fact that you care for yourself. The advice I can think of is: 1. Ask for advice from your elders and teachers on what needs to be done for future. You will get a gold mine of information here. 2. Work to convert your weaknesses and improve your strengths. 3. Find out for yourself what options are available to you for the qualifications you have. Internet is also helpful to you here. 4. Take mock tests and interviews which are available on the internet. Improve your scores. Do all this and you will be a confident young person ready to face the world no matter what. Best of luck!