Do you honestly believe global warming?

@sucahyo (103)
February 21, 2011 1:11am CST
I don't believe in global warming. What kind of part of the world that is now heating up? Very cold winter at the north of equator, rain and even flood at many spot at Australia. If they found that global world average temperature is lower this year than 1990, would you still call this global warming?
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• Philippines
21 Feb 11
Yes, I do. I have been exposed to this particualr topic since one of my favorite teachers is an environmentalist. My mother also works on research regarding envirnmental management. Personally, I am also one of the people who noticed the dratic change in weather and climate pattern (and commented abou it). There are many people who are convicned by it while others are not. But I think that the current environment and the people who are experiencing it speak for itself.
@sucahyo (103)
• Indonesia
22 Feb 11
What if current extreme weather is caused by natural phenomena, namely sun plarity shifting? The solar flare of the sun caused the weather of the earth turn to extreme. One of environmentallist who believe this is Piers Corbyn, the guy who can predict weather or natural disasters around the earth, months ahead with 90% accuracy. But I do agree pollution cause problem. Do not agree with some solution though, especially geothermal and fuel cell.