doing it yourself

@toyota4k (1212)
February 21, 2011 2:41am CST
I have just replaced the rear studs of my jeep. Near retiring age, that was quite a task having done it myself than spend for the mechanic. Still I'm on the process of little by little fixing the paint of our old car during my free time. In this country I live in, owning a car is expensive but I need it badly being in a far place from the city where you have to wait awhile for the public utility vehicle. Others have jokingly said that caring for a car is more expensive than adopting a child.
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@aeiou78 (3457)
• Malaysia
22 Feb 11
You are right. It is the same in my country, Malaysia. I have to maintain two cars at the same time. It is better to adopt or to maintain few more children rather than the cars. Due to the need of my family, I have to maintain them. Fixing your own car can be a fun too. I like to do it by myself. But I don't trust myself can handle my cars' problems confidently. First of all, I have no experience in fixing my cars. Secondly, I do not have good knowledge in repairing car so that, I can drive it safety on the road. Thirdly, the works to fix a car will be very messy and dirty. Finally, I need to have a complete tools to fix my cars. As a result, I give up in fixing my cars by myself.