How many people are active here in mylot?

November 19, 2006 3:43am CST
Just number! :) 1
1 response
@heartonfire (4131)
• Denmark
19 Nov 06
i guess i would be the second..but i must advise you not to ask for just a simple answer anymore,as a number,cause people here already know those answers don't count,don't bring them money and won't bring you mylot's new rules they say they will delete the answers formed by one or 2 words,as they are looking for quality discussions,and answers...i have seen many perople startt topics and then add:reply yes or no...what's the whole point of the discussion then if everyone would just say yes or's all about sharing and excahnge ideas and opinions,not just let them know you are alive...anyways 2 is my number..