@fpsninja (874)
February 21, 2011 4:13pm CST
Hey all I am on a site called swagbucks, at they recently added a feature where you can earn using special offers. I did a free special offer from a site called gWallet via swagbucks, and despite the fact that i sent them proof (in the form of print screens) I havent been awards any swagbucks, and they have rejected it for me as according i havent completed the offer. The offer was to compare car insurances, and despite print screening the page of the comparision of the car insurances, they decided i hadnt done it!!!! THIS IS A WARNING. DO NOT WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE MAKING YOU DO THINGS, AND THEN DO NOT PAY, DESPITE PROOF. But there you go, and its annoying that swagbucks have allowed these people to prey on there users. I sent them an email telling them what happened. See what they have to say for themselves.
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