Females, have you ever like another guy.. while you have BF?

February 21, 2011 7:26pm CST
Have you ever felt that you would want to go out with another you really like while you have your own boyfriend? What did you do in that situation? Will you do it? Will you go out with another guy while you have one? and guys what do you feel if your girlfriend do this things to you?
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@globaldoc (860)
• Philippines
25 Mar 11
Oh, i would also go out with the other guy's girlfriend, or maybe his mother. It really depends.LOL
@raj7shot (842)
• India
20 Mar 11
Nothing is worry in this.. Then it means that we are not taking care of them than other...
@youless (94397)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Feb 11
Lately I heard a meaningful but reasonable saying. It says: If you have a boy friend but you still love another one, then get married to the latter one. As if you really love your boy friend, you won't love another. I love China
• United States
22 Feb 11
I remember being flattered by the attention of another person a long time ago but I do not think I have been in love with my previous boyfriends. I suppose it can happen to some.
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
I have into the point that I came to like a certain guy. I would like to emphasize the word "like". I just simply liked the person because of his certain traits. However, I told myself that I should put limits on my admiration to this guy because I am aware of the negative consequences it would bring if I do otherwise. What I do is, I constantly think of the good and great things my boyfriend has as well as the memorable moments we have together. This makes me realize that I could not find another guy who is as wonderful as my boyfriend. Furthermore, I also stick into my mind the commitment we have promised in front of God.