Laser Hair Removal--How are your results

United States
February 23, 2011 12:41am CST
I have just started my first laser hair removal process and decided to start with the underarms. I have done two treatments so far and have noticed already that my hair is growing back much thinner and slower than before, but I am wanting some feedback from some of you on your experiences with laser hair removal. My skin is pretty fair and my hair is really dark, which I have found to be the best combination for great results, according to the research I have found. I am just very curious to see if the hair will eventually grow back after all of my treatments are completed! Would love to hear anyone's experience with laser hair removal! I have also heard that if you are on contraceptives the hair will grow back! Is this true? I am on contraceptives so I am really curious to know if it will affect it!
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• India
23 Feb 11
Hi ERKim808, I have a friend who underwent laser treatment for upper lip hair. In about 8 sessions, her hair (which was pretty dark) was unnoticeable. The hair still grows back, only finer. Which part of your body are you getting treated with laser?
• United States
23 Feb 11
I am getting my underarms done! I am hoping it won't grow back at all!
@Kirinx (1693)
• United States
18 Apr 11
Yikes I would never use laser hair removal i dont like the idea of any laser being on me.In most cases btw I hear the hair grows back eventually. I would just stick to using hair removal lotion/cremes if its still an issue.
• Australia
29 Mar 11
I don't about laser hair removal. I think it hurt Ur skin. And 4 me, I use something natural to remove it, Rose Stew. It's natural, and the anti-inflammation in it helps Ur skin(pore)