how hard to accept that it's OVER?

February 23, 2011 3:46am CST
sometimes it's hard to accept that it's over, you never know what went wrong..but you must realize that no matter how much you wanted someone, if it's not destined for you to keep, it always finds its way out..
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• Philippines
20 Mar 11
what an interesting topic in here my friend, i think it's a brave try of putting your emotional within in such a way, for example in this social networking site. For me, of course it is really hard, it is. But I do not even believe in such a way that everything that has happen in our entire life, it was only a destiny,If we track the right way, then we, us, who makes mour destiny... well goodlluch che
@xien2xien (1383)
• Philippines
10 Mar 11
it is always easy to accept that it's the end if you think you've done everything before the ending. but if not there are many questions and regrets. if you think you did your best. move on maybe they are gone and someone new will come along your way who knows much better than the one who left you.... always think of it's not your lost it's the lost of the one who let you go