weeee! it's my dayoff!!!

February 23, 2011 4:17pm CST
work has been exhausting lately and i am dying to have my dayoff!! now, it is finally here!! i will be staying up 16 hours today and do some window shopping perhaps! every week i am always looking forward to rest! if i were given the chance, i would want to have a grand vacation in an island! that would be great! but since i cannot do it at this time, then i guess i would have to settle with my 2 days off!! weee!!! don't you just love your days off?? :)
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• Philippines
26 Feb 11
i really love day offs even if it only last for two or three days maximum, i don't feel it to be that short because every minute of rest is a price for my tired body and mind. i just want to sleep and eat, and do everything i wanted whenever i have day offs. it's cool. well congratulations to you. enjoy it as much as you want!
@moondancer (7434)
• United States
23 Feb 11
I too would dearly love to go to an island resort for a week or more. The thing is we can not afford to do so nor does my husband ever have that kind of time off from work to do it either. Another thing is we would have no one to watch the boys for us to go. However, I have found out that there are some cabins here nearby within an hours drive from our home that are right on the lake and they allow dogs (with a $50 deposit) and in the off season my son and his family, ( 4 of them in total) just stayed for 3 days for $166. in a 2 bedroom cabin. It was a nice place one bathroom that looked down over the lake with a nice size balcony. It was not crowed either in fact there was only two other cabins being used. So I'm thinking wow, this is the way to go. It's not far from home, my cell phone will work in case I do need it. My boys can go. It won't cost us a fortune. Plus we can have a good time because we can stay there or we can rent a boat and go on the lake, or since we will have our truck we can drive anywhere we wish to and see things we have yet to see in the state we live in. Trust me there is plenty we have yet to see. I bet if you check around where you live you might find something you can do that would not be that much money and it would be something just about as nice to do as going to an island somewhere. Good luck!
• United States
23 Feb 11
I love my days off and usually cant wait for them. I hsve three days from work but this week i will be cleaning a house friday to make some extra cash so when i have off im trying to find a way to make some extra cash. I love the weekends as i dont work at all and i can sleep in and enjoy my day. Over the weekend i get errands done and maybe some shopping too. I try to fit in some fun time for myself too.