Is now best occasion to invest for a good profit?

February 23, 2011 6:44pm CST
I see at many information from many channels:banks,trading stock exchanges or brokerage,financial institution.Many plans,analisys and I am in a great confusion!You what are thinking ,it is moment to stay far away?Or maybe exist a new opportunity with minimum risk from investment?
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@crismina (17)
• Romania
24 Feb 11
I do not think is the best solution. Now, in many cases risking to lose twice more to win. theory is good, practice exchange is killing us.It's just my opinion, not bothering.
• Romania
25 Feb 11
Indeed you have right.In something situation is more easy to stay and wait an opportunity.All is good to make just at time!
@atulleo25 (484)
• India
2 Oct 11
Financial investment needs proper planning and time. It should not be done blindfolded, you need to consider your risk appetite, your time horizon, your goals for which you want these investments to be done. Having said that, one should also consider the various methods and instruments for achieving these investment goals. Stock markets are risky but at the same time they are the most rewarding too, investing in gold and silver will make the money grow at a slower pace but considering the inflationary pressures to mount in the years to come, that investment will help counter it. If you are not able to monitor your investments on day to day basis and can't keep track of the fluctuations in the economic scenarios, then I would advise you to start with the Mutual funds and that too only with systematic investment plan (SIP) mode so as to mitigate the risk of any stock market crash and to protect your money. If you need further help then do let me know.