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February 24, 2011 2:31am CST
I really could not help but feel for the 500 plus Brits who are presently stranded in Libya, where an imminent civil war is about to break. To add insult to injury, the plane that was supposed to fly into Tripoli, Libya to evacuate her citizens - is still sitting on the tarmac of Gatwick Airport back in U.K., while the Royal Navy’s HMS Cumberland which was due to arrive off Libya’s second city Benghazi where I suppose was to be the Brits' Plan B– has refused to dock on the claim of some safety issue. I am sorry, I have admired the Brits' countless bravery acts and elite military right till now where I must say have made me loss my aura and respect. The current is nothing but a bunch of cowards and useless bums who are unfit to even don their uniforms. No offense, but I just cannot help ranting here. Read more:
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• Pamplona, Spain
24 Feb 11
Hiya sky, Above all I wish everyone a chance to be able to go home and a safe journey home. There are Spaniards there that have had problems getting home too. One or two of their Flights have been delayed. all the BP Workers are now back here in Spain too as they could not get out they were stuck somewhere that I can´t remember but now they are safe. I wish this for all Workers, all Tourists in fact anyone who had found themselves in this plight. Safe Journey home all.
• Singapore
26 Feb 11
lovinangelsinstead21, My exact sentiments for the stranded Brits as well. The British authorities are a low down shame here, where even the Spaniards there have been evacuated and returned back to their homes already. This article just does not portray the British valor I used to know, believe and work with. I really hope that all will end well without any unnecessary casualties and/or fatalities.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
24 Feb 11
Some Brits are workers in Libya. It is not likely that many tourists are there. I feel very sorry for all those British people stuck in Libya there the situation very unsafe. Due to a safety issue regarding the intended plane I think an alternative plane has to be found. Malta is a nearby island and think a few planes from there wouldn't hurt. Brits managed to get out of Egypt fine but getting out of Libya is proving a nightmare. Good luck to all those Brits stuck there.
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• Singapore
24 Feb 11
maximax8, I am sorry but I have to disagree with you here. First and foremost, it emerged that other countries including France, Russia and the Netherlands have already evacuated citizens without a hitch. You are an experienced traveler and you would agree with me here that even if the intended plane for the evacuation on the tarmac is having some mechanical breakdown or God knows, a nervous pilot breaking down - simply isn't the only aircraft or crew available. Then, the appalling navy's call that they could not dock because they could not determine how safe the dock is. Look, the country is on the verge of war and like all landing or docking protocols, I am sure there are intelligence being done onshore and in country for the navy or military to depend on. What happened? Where's MI6? The navy's call is the utmost pathetic one, if you can see what I mean where I can side if other countries' evacuation attempts had failed. Whoever is in charge of the emergency evacuation is seriously in a world of trouble and should be sacked here. It is purely the most coward act from a country on their own people. I hope that there will be no further delays or excuses on this episode for I would hate to hear an attack on the Tripoli airport where the majority of Brits are, at this moment.
@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
25 Feb 11
For me they are pores to do it so that many are to be save because life is more important than ever.