"what does not kill me makes me stronger" true or just a saying?

February 24, 2011 3:39am CST
hi, i found this saying quite motivating (from my point of view) during tougher times like right now. But in the same time i've started to question myself if it is actually true. Are there any real examples that prove this saying to be true? Thank you!
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• Philippines
1 Mar 11
It is really true. I got hooked up with someone who has a husband already and that got me into a lot of trouble. After the break up I learned to choose the right company and my values were reinforced. I also learned to go for longetivity more than anything else.
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• United States
9 Mar 11
Hello, sebastian. Yes, it's really true It simply means that whatever hardships you have experienced will help to make you stronger and better equipped to face adversity in the future. When you have overcome some tough times in your past you can take encouragement from your success and use what you have learned to get through the next hurdle. It all has to do with experience and learning life's lessons. If I stick my hand in the fire and suffer a serious burn it may not kill me, but, next time I will know not to stick my hand in the fire. Lesson learned
@KrauseHome (35526)
• United States
9 Mar 11
In a lot of ways this is True, and refers back to our experiences and challenges in life that we have to go thru each day. Personally from what I have learned and experienced is these are things sometimes of our own choosing that life presents to us to deal with, and even if they are not always the Best to deal with what we learn to do with them to be able to get thru them will end up making us much stronger in the end.
@cloudi (330)
24 Feb 11
I think that this saying can be true in certain circumstances. I think it doesn't work when you are dealing with this that are physical because if something happens it might make you physically weaker. However, emotionally I think it can really work. If you are suffering from something emotional I think you can become stronger because of it.