Have you ever filed a Paypal/Alertpay dispute against a PTC site?

@yallit (3678)
February 25, 2011 3:23am CST
Well I did. I just filed a Paypal dispute against Onbux earlier. My last payment of $20+ has been pending for more than 48 hours. Every week before that I have been cashing out instantly with amounts of more than $20. In fact the last time that I was able to cash out instantly was Feb 15 with the amount of $32.93. In that regard, I was already on the whitelist. As to why all of a sudden my payment was on hold, that I don't know. They didn't suspend me, I'm not banned from the forum and I can still do my regular clicks and referral extensions EXCEPT the fact that my payment this time around is no longer instant. I, submitted a ticket 48hours after my cashout request asking as to why I haven't received my payment yet. You see, when the system notified me that my payment is pending, it gave me the link to the February 1st forum message saying that payments will be manually reviewed for 24/48 hours expect for those who are on the whitelist. And as I explained, I was already on the whitelist and I waited for 48 hours at least. The response that I got was the same that everybody's getting that my payment request would be put on the end of the queue and that this time I have to wait for 7-10 business days. Here are my facts: I am a golden member (paid $80 for the upgrade last January 13). I have 400 RRs, 4 DRs. I have already cashed out $96 but still need to recover $20-$30 for the rental purchases I've made. My account is not suspended nor am I banned from the forum. I followed the TOS as strictly as I could or they would have suspended me earlier if I didn't. Allowable Paypal dispute time will expire on Feb 27. Onbux TOS 6.2 says that payments are instant but may take up to 48hours. I'm not sure what they're doing out there but it seems to me that the 7-10 business day waiting time for me is a way to delay members like me from filing a dispute. So anyway, I filed the dispute earlier today and whether I win or not is alright with me. For those who are still waiting for their payments, have you made up your mind yet? By the way I found 2 links where members claimed that they were able to win a dispute against onBux. http://www.uploadscreenshot.com/image/251607/7298630 http://ptchive.com/paypal-helped-me-get-my-25-from-elebux-com
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@kanchan10 (3414)
• Kolkata, India
2 Mar 11
yalit i am scared.if this what onbux is doing then what would be the other site. if a gold member receives such treatment from them then people like me will never ever be able to cash out.
• India
26 Feb 11
long ago i bought some product on ebay and paid by paypal. But i never received my item so filed a case in paypal. And i got my money back after some time. it was a nice experience
@registre (110)
• Philippines
26 Feb 11
I have never done anything like that. If I have invested in that site then for sure if they are not truly paying I would sue and file a dispute against them. Too bad I have been scammed before and I didn't file a dispute because I was hoping that the site would be back again but they didn't.
• United States
25 Feb 11
No I haven't I never needed to, but I hope you resolve this. Sorry!
@hatimyal (1517)
• India
25 Feb 11
yes have filed complaints agains few bux site. but to no avail. i never got my money back since the site was closed and the owner ran away.