horror books

February 25, 2011 11:34am CST
currently i have read both laurell k Hamilton series, Carrie Vaughns series,both series by Kelly Armstrong, L.A. Banks, Stephenie Meyers, Anne Rice and just started the teen series by P.C. Cast I have loved all of these books and was wondering if anyone knew of an other authors who wrote in the same style/ genera that they could suggest?
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• Philippines
25 Feb 11
i love reading horror books in college but i already forgot the authors. its also been a long time since i last read a good book. :D
• Canada
25 Feb 11
I try to read a book a week at the very least and read every genera out there pretty much as long as its well written. forgetting the authors is another thing i know a read a really good book a few years back that was part of a series adn i remember saying of make sure to remember this one so you can read the whole series and now i can't :S
• Preston, England
9 Sep 15
The Darren Shan novels are very good, as are Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series. As one off vampire stories you can't beat Poppy Z Brite's Lost Souls or George R R Martin's Fevre Dream. A very funny yet still dark take on vampires is Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulem.
• Philippines
26 Nov 12
Wow, you've got writers here. Well, I only read Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyers when it comes to thriller, suspense novels. But just last week I discovered "Nathaniel", a book written by John Saul. He's got some other books that are kinda scary and exciting too. You might want to check him out.