@buli23 (550)
February 25, 2011 1:05pm CST
Weight is big problem in our life. Due to increase of our weight we had to face many problem in our daily life. It think heavy weight can affect our reproductive life. Some time heavy weight persons are suffering form heart disease. I think slim figure are good for our life. I my opinion I think that slim man and women more fertile that the weighty persons. So I think that we should keep our body slim for the betterment of our life.
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• South Africa
20 Dec 11
don't eat meat walk as possible as you can.
• Malaysia
5 Jan 12
Dear Mazhar. You seems to simplistic in your approach in life. Why are you against eating meat. Meat as a source of protein is good provided you are eating them in moderation. Maybe you are a vegetarian but there are other protein supplements that you can eat or drink for your protein. But what I say is that just walking 12 min. a day is good enough. Power training or muscle building should be confined to 45 min. Exceeding this limit, you can damage your muscles for good. Does this help you to focus better on weight loss? Thanks! Regards! Bro. Joe GBU
• Malaysia
5 Jan 12
If you think becoming slim is the pot of gold in your life? I just cannot agree you with you. Happiness and betterment in our life begins with our concept of what we are living for? It has been discovered the monks in Tibet are happy people. In spite of the simple life yet they are one of the happiest peoples in the world. If you are dependent of outside forces to make you happy, then you are in bondage of other people opinion of you. Of course fatness is relative. As long as you can live without diseases it a path to greater happiness. That's what I can offer for now. With your respond maybe more can be said. Thanks. Regards! Bro. Joe
@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
25 Feb 11
hi there :) i am skinny and i dont really like it. i want to gain some more weight. but yeah we have to control our body weight, especially the way we eat. i always tell my boyfriend that because, well, he is not fat but gained some weight during the winter because he is in the US and so i tell him to control his eating habits but when i tell him that, he feels bad and sometimes we argue :( all i want is for him to be healthy, and i am just very concerned, especially knowing that he doesnt eat healthy. he doesnt eat veggies or fish. it is always pork, beef, and chicken :( i just dont want him to be like his dad who has hypertension and diabetes :( and yeah i think i heard that obese or overweight women are likely to have very complicated pregnancy. like there will be gestational hypertension (hypertension in pregnant women) and eclampsia which can lead to coma. but still obesity or being over weight in either man or a woman is still not good. we just have to maintain our ideal body weight, but for me i am trying to do that, i eat to much because i am a little UNDER weight :( heheh