my playstation 3 story

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February 25, 2011 10:48pm CST
I was one of the 20 people that was able to wait online for over 30 hours and get a PS3 on opening night. Obviously the only thing I saw was dollar signs and all I wanted to do was sell them on Ebay. After failing horribly on ebay (I made the item price too high in the beginning) I went to Craigslist in hoping to get cash for my ps3 and make some money to pay bills. I found someone who was willing to pay about twice the cost of the game system and willing to pay in cash. We met up, exchanged and everything went fine. I deposited the money in the bank the next day and looked forward to using the money for things like my bills and utilities. Two days later, I get a call from my bank saying that the cash I deposited was all counterfeit and I would have to file a statement and talk to some Federal officers to explain how I came upon all this counterfeit money. As my happiness spiraled down to the absolute saddest I've ever been, I explained that I was trying to sell my playstation 3 but made the mistake of only taking cash instead of using something simple like Paypal. The saddest part of the story was reading an article a few days after that about how anybody who was able to purchase a PS3 were making so much money from selling it on Ebay. I guess I just had to look at the glass half full in that I've learned a heavy lesson and hope to never repeat my mistake. And I will never wait online for a video game system EVER again.
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8 Mar 11
I'm terribly sorry that someone ripped you off with fake cash for your PS3, I hope that you'll not have that happen to you. It's always good to use PayPal for eBay transactions.