Cutting Medical Costs

United States
February 26, 2011 6:09pm CST
Okay, so there's all this talk about cutting medical costs and making sure everyone has good healthcare, right? Well, take a look at this baby: Now, I had a sleep study done once where they claimed I had sleep apnea and insisted on putting me on this CPAP machine that drove me nutty. The thing was, the cost of the stupid thing was something like $1900!!! I looked at it with a critical eye and determined that, cost of materials included, it was maybe worth $200. Well, here is yet another example of medical glut. This guy took a piece of fabric, some velcro and slapped it together into a chin strap that he claims helps solve the same problem that the stupid CPAP machine is supposed to alleviate. Fine. But take a look at the price. We are talking about maybe $5 worth of materials, folks, and he's charging $120 for the stupid thing! If Washington wants to cut costs, they can start by making the medical profession charge what an item is worth rather than what they can get for it. This chin strap in particular I would never pay more than $30 for...and that's a stretch! This sort of thing just irks me no end. Just because the benefits are labeled "healthcare" they jack the price up to a totally ridiculous amount and then wonder why folks can't afford healthcare! It's time for a revolution, my friends! Time for the public to take back control of their lives...pick a is as good a place as any!
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