Does the (Bengal) Ralway budget fullfilled the needs in your state??

@venkit (2957)
February 27, 2011 1:49am CST
Railway minister Mamtha announced a railway budget recently. It was more like a bengal railway budget. please everyone share thethings that you got in your state. I am from Kerala and this bidget promises many thing. but the fact is that the railway has not even fullifile what they have told in last railway budget. 4new trains which kerala got in last railway budget has not started running. and Palakad coach factory, has not even grown to a single step.This budget also mentioned abotu coach factory in palakad. this time two more memu trains has been alloted, but railway has failed to run the memu trains which they alloted in last railway budget. so waht is the case in your state?? In Raiberaley i heard that coach factory is in the building process and new coaches will come out in next two months. coach factory in Raiberaley and Palakad, both was allocated in same budget, but in one state its reaching fullfillment(simply because its the place where sonia Gandhi comes)and other state the coach factory is just on paper.
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27 Feb 11
Ya,the Railway budget was for Bengal,not for the whole nation. There was a huge discrimination towards other states. Mamatha just presented a budget for her to become the CM of WB in the upcomming election. so Iam not satisfied with this budget. But its good that the fares are not raised
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2 Mar 11
This is a common syndrome of all influential ministers, so Mamata is not the sole guilty here or the first minister to unduly favour her own state. Bengal has always had very little representation in the union cabinet due to its leftist policies, so all these years, Bengal has really been neglected by all central ministers. Before Mamata, Ghani Khan Chowdhury, another railway minister from Bengal too did a lot for his own state but apart from him, nobody did anything worthwhile for Bengal. Even Pranab Mukhejee, though influential, never haggled with his cabinet colleagues for Bengal. So if now Mamata is doing something for Bengal, don’t grudge it…. However, take heart that most of these projects are on paper and few will see the light of the day.
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7 Mar 11
This time,yes.They used to completely ignore kerala state but this year it is so surprising that kerala has gotten hell a lot of trains and a coach factory as well.